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What is a Holistic Life Coach?

By Phillip and Jane Mountrose, Authors and Holistic Life Coach Trainers and Experts

Holistic coaching is a powerful form of life coaching that approaches every aspect of a person’s life – body, mind, and spirit – in relation to the whole. It can help you access your full potential and make transformational changes. As Wallace Wattles so wisely suggested:

The very best thing you can do for the whole world
is make the most of yourself.

Interestingly, most people go about life in an unconscious or semi-conscious way, on auto-pilot. They are reacting to events rather than creating a conscious direction and without an awareness of the many ways that everything is connected to the whole, their lives can easily spin out of control.

The Role of a Life Coach

Life coaches understand that if you do not take control of your life, it will control you, based on random programs in the unconscious mind. A coach helps clients to take conscious control, step out of the herd, empower themselves, and learn to design their lives in more joyful and purposeful ways. Coaches help clients to discover possibilities that would otherwise remain beyond their wildest dreams.

In general, a life coach is a partner who is committed to helping people to develop and implement their goals. The coach may function as a life coach, who focuses on all of the aspects of the client’s life. A coach may also have a specialty, such as health, performance, business, and so on.

What is a Holistic Life Coach?

A Holistic Life Coach is a person who is on the path to soulfully creating a magical, balanced, and fulfilling life, who partners with others who want to do the same. He or she takes joy in clients’ uniqueness, listens closely to help them to explore their greatest joy and excitement, and motivates them to make their dreams a reality.

He or she enhances clients’ abilities to access and use their key strengths and purpose to intentionally design their lives. This approach can be broadly applied to different occupations and coaching needs, because it focuses on creating a whole life.

Traditional approaches to coaching largely overlook the importance of overcoming interference and addressing the inner obstacles that hold us all in limitation to greater or lesser degrees.

Awakenings’ holistic approach incorporates powerful healing processes that include EFT tapping and more. These can save months or even years of frustration with overcoming obstacles.

It also connects us with the miraculous nature of our reality, where anything is possible and miracles are happening all around us. Such transformational coaching requires us to be open, flexible learners. We need to step outside our comfort zone, which is where we are now, to do things differently and thus create different results.

The Focus of Holistic Life Coaching
vs. Therapy and Counseling

Therapists and counselors are recognized as experts who focus largely on cleaning up and completing old issues. Coaching takes a different approach, reaching into the magical realms of manifestation, designing one’s life, and forwarding action to realize one’s dreams.

Holistic life coaches act as partners, helping clients to recognize their own abilities to find the right direction and to address challenges along the way. Therapists may also work with clients with mental illness, which coaches do not. Coaching clients are normal people with normal challenges and unfulfilled dreams.

Coaches are works in progress. They are in-the-making models of what it means to fully learn, be fully effective, and be on the path to creating a more and more joyful and fulfilling life. Therapists only model living normally.

As a note, we all know that even the best coach is human, with inherent frailties and with new vistas to explore on the journey to wholeness. Staying on the journey and experiencing the joy and excitement of being in the process of realizing our dreams and purpose is part of what we model for our clients.

Spiritual Life Coaching

For us, holistic life coaching includes tuning into the spiritual journey, helping people to discover and embrace the magnificence of their true identities, to bring spirit fully into form.

Seeking is an integral part of who we are. Whether we realize it or not, we are on a quest. Holistically oriented spiritual coaching puts life into the context of this quest, where we connect with the divine wisdom of the soul as our guide.

A Spiritual Coach views the challenges his/her clients encounter as synchronous opportunities for expansion and transformation. He or she enables clients to progress in miraculous ways by drawing on spiritual resources they never knew existed. These resources are within themselves and align with the synchronous flow of the universe.

Holistic life coaching – integrating body, emotions, mind, and spirit – helps clients to access their full potential and become powerful creators of the lives they desire and deserve. The coach focuses on listening, and motivating, taking delight in exploring the client’s dreams and true identity.

The information provided here builds on our books, Getting Thru to Your Emotions with EFTand Manifesting Your Dreams with EFT, SK and More, which maps the steps we follow in our own lives and in our coaching practice with clients. It also provides overviews of the powerful healing techniques we use to overcome obstacles.

Copyright 2017 by Phillip Mountrose and Jane Mountrose

What does “Holistic Living” mean to us?

The concept of holistic living is not a new one, yet many people are still unclear about its meaning. Often misused as ‘holistic healing’, a holistic lifestyle goes beyond the approach of just healing the body, mind and spirit naturally.

Holistic healing consists of all the modalities of healing, and include such techniques as therapeutic massage, acupuncture, herbal medicines, and a myriad of other healing methods. Most of these are ancient practices originating in the Eastern world and proven to have tremendous benefits when used alone or with modern medicine.

Holistic living takes it a step beyond healing the body, mind and spirit. When approaching life with a holistic view, a person continues to live holistically even after the healing has taken place. Furthermore, the healing is reflected out into the world to include healing others and the planet.

Another term that is often used interchangeably is ‘conscious living’. It is usually defined as making conscious choices for a healthier environment. This too, is only one aspect of true conscious living. This conscious effort is equally important for the choices we make in how we treat ourselves, fellow human beings, and all living creatures within the larger environment.

Holistic living consists then of bringing harmony and balance to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions of all living things, beyond the self.

This approach to life is also as ancient as the healing practices mentioned earlier, but not a common practice in our hurried, modern society. Unfortunately, the current state of the world is a consequence of this divergence from holism. A return to it is needed for spiritual and planetary healing to happen.

Living in harmony with nature is what Mother Nature always intended. Living peacefully with others is what the Universe has always wanted for us too. It’s never too late to start. One small conscious effort at a time is all you need to begin the journey of inner and outer change.

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